Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you team partner of V. Kravchuk, AlfaBank analyst? What relation do you bear to him?

A: No, we don't work in one team with V. Kravchuk. We work independently. Vladimir Kravchuk is the founder of AT&CF - technical analysis method depicted in his articles in the "Valyutny Spekulyant" magazine. These articles are widely available for any person wishing to read them. We created indicators based on digital filters that are very close to those depicted by V.Kravchuk and on the same principles. Therefore all the rules of this method can be applied to our indicators. We have the same relation to V. Kravchuk like you do that is we are the same readers of his widely available articles like you are.

Q: What currency pairs and what timeframe can be used according to this method?

A: This is a technical analysis tool hence, any one theoretically. As the practice showed indicators work well for any currency, futures and stock markets. The tool will not definitely work for some low volatile and low liquid stocks because there are no any cycles on such market at all. So far as timeframe concerned indicators work well even for hourly.

Q: Why do you sell this profitable system if you can become millionaires with the help of it?

A: Firstly, it is not a trading system but the tools for its construction. Indicators.

Secondly, even if we give signals at these indicators bringing profit, so why can't we sell it? Or do you believe that only that can be sold that doesn't give profit to the user? The position of such questions' authors and those who think similar is the one of unlucky fellows.

Q: Help me to gain an understanding in the following issue. After Metatrader updating indicators disappear and don't appear on the chart again. And this is all including indicators being in the folder.

A: At every Metatrader it is necessary to recompile the indicators. It should be done in the following way:
  1. Start MetaTrader
  2. In menu Tools start Meta Quotes Language Editor
  3. Here in the menu File/Open open any file with indicator and after that click F5 (Verify)
The indicator will be recompiled for the new version of MT and it.