Testimonials about "Digital Indicators"™

Dear ... I would like to thank you for the indicators. At least I've started earning money lately, though before I used to squander almost all of it. Market movements are perfectly seen. And since not long ago I've started to like it even better. The indicators predicted an uptrend. The released news were constantly insisting on a downtrend. And the currency pair followed the trend predicted by the indicators. If they indicate a turn point coming soon, it takes place. Thanks a lot for them.
Best regards, Igor

I used to be sure that software developers write all the comments on their sites themselves. Now I'm writing these lines and regret that I used to think like that. I've been on Forex for three years already, and tried a lot of various software "foretellers" searching for the Holy Grail, starting from completely useless programs - InvestorsDream, EWA, etc. and to the "advanced" ones - eASCTrend, NeuroShell Trader and others. Little by little, in the process of working with them and actually trading I came to realize that there is no more simple and reliable tools than the moving average and momentum. The developers from Finware Technologies seem to have come to the same conclusions, but they offer a more qualitative product. Their digital indicators work much more accurately and faster than usual MA and MOM, and their application in any of the known technical analysis programs is no problem at all due to really quick and qualitative technical support.

Good day, traders, I must be one of the first fin-ware customers. I came across them when trying to find some comments on EWA 3 in forums. When I saw the screenshots, even without reading any articles I applied at once that the guys created a very effective analog of movings, on which (I mean movings) my work is based I also realized at once that it was no crap, because the product is not for the masses and the price is not that big. They couldn't have made more or less good profit before the exposure. After a brief and active exchange of messages, the first package of indicators was purchased without any problems within 24 hours. I realized the formulas in MetaTrader. Everything worked the way it had been promised. In a month, the second version was released; it works much faster with changes in the trend. Now I'm using it. If you look at the euro diaries, due to the fin-ware movings on April, 11 there was the final confirmation of buying signal. And the price was about 1.0750. Right now when I'm writing these lines, the euro has already reached 1.1600. And the fin-ware system has not indicated a turning signal yet. So the impressions are as good as they can be. Pavel.

I bought this package of indicators from the Finware guys. I would like to particularly note the honesty of this team compared with a lot of other shady companies claiming to sell profitable strategies and indicators for the technical analysis of financial markets. The guys from Finware keep their promises. I transferred the money for the product and got it in 6 hours. And now they have released the second version of their product and I got it for free as a registered user. Hope to cooperate with these guys further on. Igor.

Thank you for the package, especially for the second version. The installation was excellent and everything works perfectly. As to the functionality, it completely corresponds to that given in the articles by V.Kravchuk. I think it is a really useful tool for a trader. This package can become the basis for the creation of an effective trading system. The indicators complement the standard technique of the game between the levels of support and resistance. I'm going to use these indicators along with the tool FibTimeProjections, which often makes it possible to forecast a temporary high or low. It is very important for daily practical work. Events happen really quickly. Oleg.